I am fresh off a return visit to the vet to see why Toby still has a hacking cough.

For the past couple of days, I have observed him closely to see if this is a change of season thing or something worthy of another exam.

Each time the dog coughs, I cringe.

He gets up off of his bed or the couch, finds the farthest distance in our apartment, hacks and then gets in his “I’m Going to Throw Up” stance.

Since I have had Toby, he has coughed like this on rare occasion but lately it has become more regular.

Earlier today, without a though in my head I called the vet and took their only appointment at 2:30PM which was smack dab in the middle of a work commitment.


Toby: Mom what are we doing back at the Vet’s?

Cut to Toby on the exam table and the vet listening with long pause to Toby’s chest.

The vet told me Toby’s lungs sound “clear as can be” but added it is very possible that Toby has some undiscovered allergies which could be causing such cringeworthy coughs.

Next, the vet half-heartedly flung the option of getting an x-ray of Toby’s chest on the table in addition to him taking allergy meds.

He said it was highly unlikely the x-ray would show anything as I stood there pondering the vet’s position verses the x-ray cost verses the sight of my sweet dog hacking.

Again, something in me overruled my logical side and insisted that an x-ray be done.

As I sat in the waiting room, I let go of the notion that the vet and vet techs might find me to be an annoyingly careful dog mom.

I simply don’t care.

I just want my dog to NOT sound like a 90-year-old cigar smoker.

Something came up on Toby’s x-ray.

The vet told me Toby was a good boy and didn’t bite the vet tech while leading me to the x-ray monitor.

Was this supposed to be a consolation prize or something?

So, it turns out that Toby has bronchitis.

The proof was incredibly evident by the white markings all over his chest.

Thankfully, this is all VERY treatable now that we KNOW about it.

My gut has never led me astray in my life. It has guided me to great things and told me to run like hell from horrific ones.

I knew something wasn’t right with my dog deep down and am glad that part overruled the schedule conflicts, vet costs and trustworthy vet who almost convinced me to skip the x-ray.

Are you listening to your gut and your dog?