Dear Paws to Talk,

I am a cute Pomeranian with a gorgeous fur coat. Despite the look nature gave me, everyday my humans dress me up in various outfits. I have worn tutus, dresses, sweaters, t-shirts, boots and many different hats. My wardrobe has gotten so large that I have my own closet. I wish for one day I didn’t have to dress up. My humans won’t allow it. Why do they have to dress me up? Am I not enough the way I am?

 -Trinket the Pomeranian

Howl Trinket,

We don’t know why humans dress us up. If mother nature wanted us to wear outfits, coats and shoes everyday then she would have given us thumbs so we could dress ourselves. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a fabulous collar (Bella: Add sparkly crystals to mine. DiDi: Sparkles? Yuck, I like a comfy cloth collar)

It sounds like you can’t avoid your humans and the wardrobe they have created for you.  Wear the clothes and when you go for a walk jump in the mud. Humans don’t enjoy too much laundry. You get the picture. Wear the clothes but don’t forget your gorgeous natural coat underneath. Humans go through stages. We hope they outgrow it and let you show off your true style. You are enough! As long as you know that in your heart!


Bella and DiDi