Bella and DiDi are having a case of the Mondays (they had too many treats last night watching the World Series) so I am here offer Poodle Wisdom.

I don’t like to play the rescue dog card but after you have lost the life you knew, as I did, the little things don’t seem to matter as much. Sometimes I see humans and dogs getting miffed about things that don’t seem worthy of getting ones fur tangled.

For instance, is it really a big problem if you can’t have your favorite chew toy this minute? Why are you wasting your precious breath getting angry with a spouse because they didn’t clean something? Furthermore, why make the kibble in your stomach toss around by stressing about work?

There are many times when all of us get mad, anxious and sad about the small things.

But, is it really worth it?

Now that I have a wonderful home and family, I can understand how dogs and humans like things to be in order. In fact, just the other day, I found myself riled up because a human was working in a room where I don’t have a comfy bed to utilize. I quickly became defiant and tapped her with my paw in hopes of getting her to move locations.

In hindsight, I feel badly for how I acted.

I am not a perfect dog but I want all of us to be happy.

So the next time, you are tempted to dig a hole in the yard out of frustration because of a little thing gone wrong, take a moment and reflect on the people and animals who are trying to overcome enormous things.

A little perspective and a good chew toy always go a long way.



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