Bella and DiDi are recovering from the end of holiday blues and insisted that I blog for them today.

They do a lot for me off of the blog so I don’t mind putting paws to the keyboard for them every once in a while. Especially when I have something very important to say.

My human tries very hard to make sure that all my canine needs are satisfied. She socializes me, feeds me premium kibble, exercises me, loves me and makes sure I have something to chew on so my teeth stay healthy.

However, I am a sensitive guy with a sensitive stomach so the chew toys don’t always stay in my tummy.

My human knows this and to her credit she has found some chews that agree with my stomach.

Except the other day she made a mistake and gave me one of the rebellious chew toys which made my tummy spin.

She was so sorry and cuddled me while my fur went from shades of apricot and cream to green.

Besides my angry tummy, there was one other problem, my human underestimated how badly I was feeling and broke out the leash to take me on a walk.

As I saw the leash coming towards me, I rolled onto my back and put my paws up in the air. She can rarely pick me up while I lay in that position.

She got the idea after a few minutes and abandoned our walking mission for the day.

I couldn’t understand why she was forcing the walk. Did I need to be upchucking my kibble to prove I was sick?

The thing that shocked me was that my human wasn’t feeling well herself and was still going to push us both out the door.

She looked worse that I did. I didn’t have the energy to carry her back home if she got even sicker on the walk.

Thankfully, she realized how silly she was being and we relaxed on the couch together.

Toby: Resting on the couch.

Are you listening to what your dog is telling you? Also, are you listening to your own body?



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