Toby sleeps



Bella and DiDi left me with the blogging duties for today while they tend to our grandma who is recovering from a hospital stay. It is all about Poodle teamwork!

The other day while out on a solo walk with my human mom I encountered a surprise that made my fur stand up straight (my fur consists of tightly formed curls so this was a change). Mom and I were walking in our neighborhood minding our own business when we passed by a father and his kids who shrieked at the sight of me.

At first, I wondered if my breath still smelled from the beef hoof I had been working on earlier in the day. Mom says the scent is outrageous in a bad way. I did a quick breath check and it wasn’t too oppressive.

As we moved closer to this father and kids, they got even more afraid. Why was a curly cued, 25 pound cutie like me making them so scared?

Silly Toby

Toby: No, I am not showing you my sharp teeth but am just being silly. A dog has to have fun after all!

Then it got worse.

As we passed by this family on the same side of the street, their fear reached epic proportions. The father who was more fearful than his kids yanked them in the opposite direction from mom and me.

Now I felt ashamed. What did I do? I looked up at mom and she was puzzled too.

Usually, when I go out on solo walks, people refer to me as a sweet boy and I make a lot of canine friends. What can I say? I look good and have a one of a kind personality.

After the moment of being scorned passed, Mom and I continued our walk. What else is there to do?

Clearly, the father and maybe his kids too experienced some kind of trauma involving another canine.

I hoped that the father would at least let his kids have a chance at getting to know a dog like me instead of acting like I was some hideous blood-sucking monster.

Fear will spread and grow unless you confront it.

When I was in the shelter, before joining Bella and DiDi’s family, I was afraid. However, I never let it take over my life. Instead I played hours of tug of war with my kennel-mate, ran like I may never run again when I had yard time and was friendly to all humans even though I was disappointed by them before.

I didn’t let the fear that I might be stuck in the shelter forever take over my life.

Maybe one day that family will come around and see that I am a nice dog?

I do give fantastic kisses even if sometimes they taste like smoked beef.



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