Dear Paws to Talk,

A Pug named Gina wrote to you several weeks ago asking for advice about her crush. I think she was referring to me. Gina and I have enjoyed each others’ company for a while but my duties as president of the neighborhood dog association got in the way. Now, I am out of office so there is nothing stopping me from telling Gina that I like her.

After some thinking, I decided that over a nice bowl of kibble, I would give Gina a poem explaining my feelings for her. The problem is that I’m not a good creative writer. Could you help me compose a poem for my crush?

-Stewart the Pug

Howl Stewart,

*Tails Wagging* This is so exciting! We hoped Gina’s crush would like her back! Maybe we missed our calling as matchmakers? Okay, we need to get a hold of ourselves, there is some serious work to be done.

The best way to start off this process is to write down all of the things you like about Gina. For instance, her pretty eyes, soft fur and sweet personality. Don’t be afraid to make a long list. Girls love to be complimented.

Next, write down what Gina makes you feel. Spend time thinking about what drew you to her. Does she make you feel happiness, comfort or even love?

Some guys struggle with expressing their feelings and we don’t exactly know why. We hope you are not one of these guys or else it will be more of a challenge to write this poem. Remember that it is simple. Just say what is in your heart. Your heart is the place near where your medal of service from the association used to hang.

Okay, you just did a lot of work. Take a couple of laps around your house or yard and shake it out. Don’t run away though because it is time to swoop in and get your Gina.

Many beings believe that poems have to rhyme. If you break into rhyme while writing than good for you. If not then you can still compose a beautiful and romantic poem. Use the lists you made earlier and just write. Put the politician in you aside and don’t analyze too much. We have a feeling that whatever you write, Gina will swoon. Be confident in your declaration to her.

It seems like you two will make a lovely couple. Keep us posted. Don’t forget to buy the good kibble for your romantic night!


Bella and DiDi
















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