Dear Paws to Talk,

Recently, I was watching the big bright thing with my humans and there was a cat on a talent show playing the piano. Then during this same show another cat demonstrated how she could contort herself into a little ball. I thought these cats must be really gifted to be on this show.

It made me reflect on my special abilities. My humans have always said I have the most beautiful purr. Also, I am great at climbing trees. I can pick the highest one in my yard and climb all the way to the top. However, I am not on the big bright thing or on a world tour giving out tons of my paw prints. How do I know if I am talented?

-Simba the Siberian Cat

Howl Simba,

Just because you aren’t on the big bright thing doesn’t mean you lack talent. Cats, dogs and humans all have various talents. This makes our world an interesting place. I would say I am a very talented hole-digger and kitchen taste-tester. However, my talents are not diminished because I don’t have a show on the big bright thing showing me working on a construction site or in a kitchen giving opinions on recipes. I believe in my talent.

When you know what your talent is, the worst thing you can do is waste it. If you have a beautiful purr then purr more. Maybe your humans can help you record album?

If you are great at climbing the highest tree in your yard then climb everyday. Use those powerful paws. I bet there is a taller tree nearby that you can conquer.

Use your talents and enjoy them for yourself. However, you never know when some television producer might want to showcase a signing cat that can climb tall trees.











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