Dear Paws to Talk,

I am a 5 year-old female Standard poodle. Shockingly, a few weeks ago my humans brought another breed into our house. He is a Corgi.  At first I thought he was just visiting but now it seems like he is staying. He is much shorter than me. His coat is all different colors and falls out all over the place. I have Corgi fur in my food and water bowls. Yuck!

I like to run laps in the yard. He likes to twirl around. I sit up tall like a statue for my humans. He collapses on the floor.

Am I supposed to like this different breed?

-Phyllis the Standard Poodle

Howl Phyllis,

Our world is full of all kinds of breeds. So the Corgi is not like you. That is okay because it makes you special. It also means that he is unique too.

One time our humans brought a small Dachshund named Tiki over to our house. We weren’t sure what to do with him. Bella accidentally stepped on him going to the food dish.

We stayed in our separate corners until he picked up our ball. Tiki liked to play ball!

He would roll it along the ground and we would retrieve it. It worked out well for all of us. Tiki was very different but we put that aside. The time he spent in our house was a lot of fun.

See if this Corgi has more to him than twirling. You probably have more to you than running laps and sitting like a perfect statue.


Bella and DiDi
















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