Periwinkle courtesy of Ruff Mutts Cooperative

Dear Paws to Talk,

I’ve been following your blog with my human for about a month now. Because you seem to have a savvy insight into the human world and since Poodles are known for their dashing good looks, I was hoping you may be able to answer a question I have regarding my appearance.

Most dogs love to play with me and never seem to give my blue coat and cheek-to-cheek grin a second thought. In fact, kittens, horses, goats, cows, and any other non-humans  like me too. However, sometimes when I walk down the street, humans seem to turn and run the other way. I don’t remember being mean or doing anything wrong to anyone. Why do people cross the street when they see me? Is it something about my look?

-Periwinkle the Pit Bull

Howl Periwinkle,

Thank so much for reading our blog and writing in! We can’t disagree with your comment about our dashing good looks. Anyways, moving on.

It makes us sad to hear that some humans avoid you. We doubt it has anything to do with your look or behavior. You’re smile and blue coat are unique assets. You have to start to believe that and embrace it. We love you’re blue coat! It is so much more interesting than these black things we walk around in.
Sometimes Pit Bulls get stereotyped as violent and out of control canines. This is an unfair assumption to make on all Pit Bulls, especially when a dog is properly trained and given a lot of love such as yourself. These humans who are avoiding you in public may buy into this stereotype. It is unfortunate for them because they are missing out on your smile and friendly spirit.

We recommend that you focus on the lovely humans and animals who accept you for you. The world is full of all types of animals and humans. Not everyone is always going to like you. This is not a reflection on you.

Keep smiling and showing off that coat.


Bella and DiDi








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