One afternoon, during the first semester of my junior year in college, I was urged by one of my professors to stick around for special alumni guest speaker.

At this point, I had declared my major in Television, Radio and Film production and was eager to hear from successful graduates in the real world.

I canceled plans I had after class and hung around for about thirty minutes until this special guest arrived.

While in the student area whittling down minutes, I wondered who the guest could be.

I was fortunate enough to be enrolled in the top communications school in the country and had become accustomed to well-known TV personalities walking through the doors.

The wait was up.

I took my spot in the front row as a man with slicked back hair bearing no resemblance to any broadcasting star took the podium.

My professor explained that said man was a fantastic alumni who “made things happen” behind the scenes of television in New York and Los Angeles.

The first thing I noted was that this guy loved to talk.

In the course of an hour he bashed certain people in the cable industry, explained how proud he was about the fortune he had amassed and marveled at the long hour his assistant worked (every one of us in that room was headed for a thankless job post-graduation just like his assistant had in order to get our foot in the industry door).

I sat there wondering if I had made the right choice of career.

However, this man said one thing that stuck with me.

“This industry allows you to do well for yourself and do well for others.”

For some reason this lecture popped into my head this past weekend when I was hosting the Paws to Talk table at a local rescue dog fundraiser called Woofstock.

Far removed am I from my days as a T.V. and Film Producer in New York City where life went at warped speed, revolved around what shoot was next on the calendar and how cheaply it could be done. I was a budget line item on all the projects I worked on and often found myself having to play hardball just to maintain my salary.

Yet, this cable executive’s words couldn’t have rang any truer for me a few days ago.

I think it’s because I have finally found my meaning of his statement and adapted it for my life goals.

On Saturday, at Woofstock, I felt such joy watching other dog lovers feeling enthusiastic about our soon to launch Pawmmunity member community and the Paws By Your Side Kits.

The Paws to Talk table at Woofstock which benefitted homeless dogs.


It hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination but I am finally blazing my own path towards my own vision.

Since I was a little kid, I can recall my huge love for dogs and how I used to talk about them endlessly.

I guess it is fitting that all these years later, I get to do those very things as part of building my company.