Dear Paws to Talk,

I know that difficult and unpleasant things occur in life. However, when they are happening to me or people who I care about, all I want to do is make them disappear. 

This eagerness to get rid of the bad can cause me to say ridiculous things which seem to only make the situation worse. 

Even though I am coming from a good place, I put my foot in my mouth.

I need your help.

How can I remain calm and not say comments that only make those that I love more upset?

-Jamie the Human

Howl Jamie,

We have put our paws in our mouths many times especially when new people come to our house.

Many not so nice warnings have come from our mouths about human visitors only to find out later that they are not a threat and liked to feed us treats.

Sometimes we put all four paws in our mouths. This is terrible and tastes so furry.

We sympathize with this issue.

Even though you are coming from a caring place when you say something inappropriate, that sentiment doesn’t matter because your loved ones need you to stand with them in their sadness, anger or current feeling.

For example, we don’t like when our humans take forever to get ready for the day. They stand in the bathroom washing and fixing their fur and then stand in the closet for a while.

They aren’t looking for plush toys or special bones but just trying to find something to wear. It is tough for us to keep them company during this drawn out process.

However, if we aren’t next to them, then they call for us and wonder where we are.

So each day we are there for them even though we think they should put a collar on and call it a day.

Find a way to be comfortable with uncomfortable moments.

Maybe you need to find a special bone to chew on instead of putting your paw in your mouth?

What about taking a pause for a minute before speaking?

Good luck!


Bella and DiDi