Dear Paws to Talk,

There are some mean kids in my class at school. I am very creative and have different ideas than some of the other kids.

This group always laughs when I speak in class. Plus, I have heard them make fun of the way I decorated my locker (I drew a mural on paper and lined my locker with it.) at school.

I am confident in myself but still get hurt by these disrespectful comments.

How do I not let these kids get to me?

-Kyla the Human

Howl Kyla,

You sound like a wonderful young lady. We are glad that you haven’t let these kids completely mess up your fur.

We too have encountered some animals in life that we detest. Initially, they used to take our appetite for treats away but then we decided that nobody should have THAT much power.

When people criticize us or are disrespectful to us, we shun their negative energy. Sometimes we sit with our backs to them to get the point across.

Other times we just keep trotting by.

We’re not everyone’s cup of kibble but that doesn’t mean they have the right to take our happiness away.

Chances are the kids who are bothering you are hoping to get your attention so they can reinforce that they are alpha dogs.

Don’t let them.

It doesn’t sounds like you belong in their pack.

When you find your pack, those members will love you for your unique contribution.

If you need to practice your shunning skills we have some availability next week to come over and show you how it is done.


Bella and DiDi








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