Whippet Boy missing Mr. Claude the cat

Dear Paws to Talk,

This morning my beloved Mr. Claude cat died peacefully in my arms at home, with the help of his vet.

Do you have any suggestions to help Whippet Boy (my dog) and me celebrate Mr. Claude’s life?

Love to my hallowed canine friends DiDi, Bella, Toby and human Margot.
I’m sure Mr. Claude will keep his angelic presence near all worthy humans and animals on this planet!

Kind Regards,
Fiona and Whippet Boy

Howl Fiona and Whippet Boy,

I am so sorry to hear that Mr. Claude has passed on. Along with me, Bella, Toby and Margot offer our condolences to you and Whippet boy.

Many years ago, when I was a baby and showed up in Bella’s house (now it is our house but back then she had most of her bones invested in it), Bella and the humans were still distraught over the loss of Marty the Poodle.

Thankfully, I came from a litter of happy, adventuresome and goofy Poodle girls. I ended up being just what this melancholy bunch needed.

Now, this doesn’t mean you and Whippet Boy should run out and get a gregarious Poodle such as myself quite yet.

Here is what I recommend to help you honor Mr. Claude:

-Make a memorial for him. This can be in your yard or perhaps in a place that he loved.

-Howl at the top of your lungs to release the emotional pain. If you prefer a quieter method, then consult Bella or Toby but I am a loud mouth therefore I howl.

-Remember a funny thing that Mr. Claude did. Sometimes having a good laugh can change our perspective for the better. 

I suspect that Mr. Claude would want you two to mourn him but keep in mind how much he added to your lives.

Trust me, I have a large nose with an impeccable sense of smell so I am a professional when it comes to sniffing out these answers.

If you or anyone you know needs help mourning the loss of a pet, there is more information here: http://pawstotalk.com/product/paws-side-cope-loss-dog-21-days/.

You will be in my thoughts and smells.