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We hope our Paws to Talk readers will visit our sister site, Pawbituary.

Love. Honor. Remember.

When we lose a pet, we want to announce how special they were and how they will forever be a part of us. A Pawbituary is a permanent, memorial website dedicated to remembering your pet’s life. A Pawbituary provides pet lovers in mourning with:

  • A place to write their pet’s life story or obituary
  • An editable and expandable memories/thoughts section, which can be added to 24/7
  • A photo and video gallery
  • A place to receive condolences from family, friends and our Pawbituary community
  • Everything related to your pet’s memory on one designated website instead of spread out across a social media timeline or on a social media page that you can’t control or edit.
  • A 100% shareable site via email and social media
  • A stylish and easy-to-use platform

Create yours today by clicking here