Bella and DiDi discussing an idea for the blog

Hi All,

On Wednesday Bella, DiDi, Toby and I celebrate two years of Paws to Talk.

What started out as a creative and cathartic hobby/side project has morphed into so much more.

We have some exciting and I would even dare to say ground-breaking things that will be unveiled soon as a part of this community.

My mission in life and for Paws to Talk has evolved a lot over the last two years.

What started as a little blog has revealed itself to be much more.

I have finally tapped into what I feel meant to do and that is helping dog parents/lovers with their life challenges in a variety of ways.

Dog people have always been a part of my life. They are my friends, family, neighbors and community.

I love how dogs unite us. It is my hope that I can aid in making the global dog lover community an even happier and closer one.

The blog is here to stay even though you will soon see additions to the site. Bella and DiDi are still the wisdom givers you have come to know them to be and yes they still try everyday to get food off the counter.

On a practical note, I urge our followers who have subscribed only via WordPress to sign up for our free weekly newsletter.

The newsletter is the ONLY place where you can get more perks from Paws to Talk such as discounts on services, upcoming product information and much more.

I won’t be cross-posting this information on the blog beyond February. So go to our home page before March 1st and get signed up for the newsletter.

Thank you for being such a wonderful audience and community. This has been a fantastic two years and we look forward to many more.