Dear Paws to Talk,

The past couple of days, I have been wild. I gained access to my full treat box and ate the whole thing. Afterwards, my tummy didn’t hurt that much and my mouth still remembers the deliciousness.

Some of my other indulgences this week have included kissing my male neighbor dog, tasting a loaf of bread just out of the oven and lounging all over the humans fancy sofa.

I don’t typically do these kinds of things but I must admit it has been fun. However, my enjoyment was ruined when I saw my mommy scrubbing my muddy paw prints off of the fancy sofa. Also, I felt badly waking her in the middle of the night so I could take care of my business outside after eating the box of treats.

Should I feel guilty or embrace my new carefree attitude?

-Moxie the Maltese

Howl Moxie,

You have certainly been mischievous and busy! I am the daredevil in my family so I can relate to being tempted by various indulgences.

Bella likes to indulge too. However, she usual thinks of a plan on how to indulge and then relies on me to execute it. Why wasn’t I the first-born?

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something fun, tasty or flirty every once in while. If a human is pulling a roast or chicken out of the oven I have been known to stick my snout in it. Or when my Poodle nephew Toby comes to visit, I hoard his toys. His toys have smell better and are more interesting than most of mine.

I was reading your letter last night while relaxing inside my favorite shrub by the side of the house. I wondered if there is another reason why you are suddenly so rambunctious.

Did something in your life change recently? Are you unhappy? Do you need an extra serving of kibble each day to combat your growing appetite?

I am concerned that you are acting like a wild woman because of something else happening in your life. Head to your nearest shrub and really contemplate this.

Don’t worry about guilty feelings right now. Although, you should really give your mommy some extra hugs and kisses. Dig deep (not in the soil but in your heart) and see what is going on.

After all, how can you enjoy a tummy full of treats when your heart is malnourished?









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