Losing a pet is no doubt one of the hardest things one can endure in life. I know because I have been there and am unfortunately on the brink of being there again within the next year.

However, it seems like when our beloved furry family members pass away we as animal lovers are expected to snap back into our daily routines.

What about bereavement time away from commitments in order to mourn the loss of our pets?

What about a memorial service and burial for our pets?

What about an actual obituary (Not just a Facebook post) where you can honor the memory of your pet in the same way you would for a human loved one?

I am very passionate about pet lovers having proper outlets which allow them to mourn the animals that make life so special.

This is why at the suggestion of some dear Paws to Talk readers, Pawbituary was born.

Today, Pawbituary is open to all animal lovers so that they can write a real obituary for their pets.

Watch the short video below to see how Pawbituary works.

I sincerely hope that Pawbituary helps you to properly memorialize your pet.

With Compassion,