Dear Paws to Talk,

I have a confession. I am head-over-paws in love with a canine. His name is Preston and he is dreamy.

When I am with Preston, I feel like a true lady. He is always telling me how beautiful my fur is while he cuddles close to me. If I have a bad day he is there to listen.

It brings me such a sense of happiness to be there for Preston too. I tell him all the time how cute his toned legs are.

Recently, Preston and I discussed spending the rest of our lives together. I had to fight back purrs because I was so thrilled.

However, my feline friends and family don’t know about Preston. They can be judgmental when it comes to canines. This is mainly because they haven’t spent much time around them.

Is it really taboo to love a different species? Should I tell my family?

-Marisa the Cat

Howl Marisa,

Congratulations on finding love! You have tapped into something that is more valuable than a truckload of treats (we may want to retract that statement later). Does Preston have any brothers who are interested in Standard Poodles with gorgeous long legs?

We digress. It is our belief that love can happen between anyone. You can’t help who you fall in love with. Just as long as Preston isn’t betrothed to someone else or have a litter of pups on the side he is failing to tell you about, we think you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Before we get into this family stuff, we ask that you make sure that you aren’t having any doubts about spending your life with Preston. Take some time to ponder this question. It is okay if concerns pop into your mind. You can speak to Preston about them.

Once you have been through this process, tell your family. If they hiss in disapproval that is their problem. Just remember the bond that you and Preston share. That is the most important thing.

Family members can be stubborn but once they see the love between you two they will likely come around.

We wish you both a lifetime of joy.


Bella and DiDi

















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