In an attempt to keep Bella, DiDi and Toby’s minds sharp, I bought a treat puzzle.

Toby tackled the challenge first. After a few minutes he looked at me like I was crazy and gave up.

However, I reintroduced it to him and after many tries he enjoyed mastering the puzzle.

Treat puzzle

Treat puzzle domination by Toby the Poodle.

I was encouraged by his progress and determination to do anything for a treat.

Since Bella and DiDi, have the same desire for treats and are very smart, I approached them next with the puzzle.

From the beginning, Bella had no interest and resumed her squirrel and bird watch in the yard.

DiDi licked the puzzle but showed me how she really felt about this task in the clip below.

Bella and DiDi will see the puzzle a couple more times in my attempt to broaden their horizons.

However, they are their own beings and I respect that. I wouldn’t want someone forcing an activity on me so if they choose not to be puzzle masters that is okay.

Do your dogs know what is best for them?


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