Hi Paws to Talk friends,

I had to share with you a surprising experience that I had in the past week. I was perusing my usual pet news sources and commented on a story about President Obama’s desire to relax the Breed Specific Legislation against Pit Bulls.

Unaware of the minefield I was about to enter, I shared my opinion in the comment section. I expressed support of this development, explained that when treated properly Pit Bulls can be great companions and finally held the human race responsible for the negative connotation that these animals receive.

My comment unleashed a title wave of passionate responses. About half were positive and supported my stance. The other half were mean, ugly and downright insulting.

The anti-Pit Bull people were not just spewing hate at these dogs but they were doing the same to me (I was told to go finger paint with kindergarteners, that my argument was the equivalent to leaving a loaded gun around kids and how I was a piece of crap). All of this because of a two sentence comment about a dog law.

As you know, I believe with all of my heart that dogs can teach us so much about ourselves. I have built my business and my life around this concept.

However, I didn’t think I would see dogs create such a fracture between humans (My comments were among many thousand left within 12 hours).

Then it hit me.

This never-ending online debate about Pit Bulls is not just about Pit Bulls but it is about values, beliefs and past experiences.

Some of the commenters had obviously been told or taught at some point that Pit Bulls are monsters. Others, have a need for their point of view heard even if it means insulting a stranger. Finally, there were some people, who were clearly upset because they had witnessed a Pit Bull hurt a pet or person close to them.

In a way, this was intriguing because a conversation about dogs was bringing together people who likely would never connect in real life.

After a nearly an hour of back and forth, I moved on. Even though, I understand reasons why the Pit Bull haters may feel the way they do, my comments had no chance of swaying them and vice versa.

Why do you think Pit Bulls create such a division among us?


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