Hi Paws to Talk friends,

Today, I am off my normal rhythm.

Full Disclosure:

-I ate a large and chocolatey breakfast pastry which was supposed to be a treat but only made me want to take up permanent residence on the couch.

-My last living grandparent is in the hospital in declining health.

-I slipped yesterday walking the dogs and aggravated my left knee which has already been surgically repaired twice.

-In preparation for my Paws to Talk podcast (coming soon!) interview with the incredible Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson from Tripawds, I watched a video on the unbelievable story of their dog Jerry who has passed on. Rene wasn’t kidding when she said to have a box of tissues nearby. Jerry’s journey and how Tripawds came to be is truly one of the most amazing dog and human stories I will ever hear.

Needless to say, I am a bit emotional.

However, there aren’t any tear drops hitting my keyboard as I type. My dogs wouldn’t allow it.

My sobs might as well sound like the chow bell to them. As soon as I start making the horrific noise the comes out when I cry, they surround me.

They literally form a support circle.

Their presence makes me feel better but what reels me in is their precious faces which are taken over by looks of concern. Add in their typical paw hits which they use when there something to say. Before I know it, I am on the floor being engulfed by poodle hugs. I wrap my arms around them, sob some more and they bury their heads in my shoulders as if they know exactly what is making me upset.

The dogs are not scared off by my emotions. In fact, the more I let my worries out the closer our group hug becomes. The only thing that could possibly tear them away from me in this moment is if the mailman was on the front steps with a week’s worth of prime rib in his arms. Even then, it would be a toss-up (I think) on whether or not they would leave my side.

There are several reasons why being a dog parent is fantastic such as companionship, fun, caring for another being, laughter and on and on.

For me, I can’t live without that poodle group hug when life gives me a day like today.

Some people my scoff at this connection but my dogs have never broken my heart, said mean things, lied to my face, or disrespected me and many humans have.

My dogs are there for me no matter what. Even if the mailman really does show up with prime rib in his arms, they will eventually come back to me because we have a bond that is stronger than temptation or the next best thing.

As I pick myself up by the so-called bootstraps and keep walking along my path of life, I am happy to know that I have a bunch of paws walking along next to me.

Why do you think being a dog parent is wonderful?


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