Hi Paws to Talk friends,

Bella, DiDi and Toby are at the grooming shop today without their laptops or iPads so I am filling in for them. As Toby mentioned earlier this week, yesterday marked his one year anniversary with our family.

All of us had a happy day celebrating this wonderful boy who is fully integrated into our pack. Then my mom and dad pointed out that August 7th (yesterday) was my father’s father’s birthday.

Richard Ahlquist, my grandfather passed away almost three years ago and was the biggest animal lover you could have ever met. Dogs ran to him, birds flocked to him and horses galloped to him. They all loved to be near him and he emoted complete joy in their presence.

Richard Ahlquist

He loved his grandchildren with all of his being and loved the animals in the family equally as much. Not only did he love animals, dogs especially, but he also had rescued more than one in his lifetime.

It struck me that August 7, 2012, my grandfather’s birthday happened to be the day when I was asked by the shelter to officially adopt Toby.

A year ago, I was living in New York City, being held there mostly because of a job, away from family and my sweethearts, Bella and DiDi. I was very lonely and going through a rough personal time.

I obviously was aware how serious of a commitment it is to own a dog thanks to Bella and DiDi but also wanted nothing more than to have another Poodle companion in my life. In fact, I needed it. Toby had no idea he had a rescue job on his paws when he busted out of the shelter kennel.

Take it or leave it, I am a person who believes in signs.

So yesterday, while we lauded Toby’s wonderful year with us and my return to the Boston area to be with my favorite dogs and people (yes, I mentioned the dogs before the people), I knew that somehow my grandfather probably had a hand in bringing Toby to me so that I could be happier during the upheaval of my life.

Do you think dogs come into our lives when they do for a reason?