Hi Paws to Talk Friends,

Bella, DiDi and Toby have let me blog today so they can soak up some late summer sun.

In the past few days, we have had some beautiful weather here on the East Coast of the United States and the dogs have made the most of it.

As the mild, sunny and rain-free days endured, I have been observing my “Poodle Pack” in their natural environment. I couldn’t help but wonder whether I let them be the dogs that they truly are.

Just as each person has a special talent or gift to contribute to this world, I believe the same goes for dogs.

Bella has a knack for almost always catching a tennis ball in between her teeth. It is a common joke in our house that she should try out for the Boston Red Sox outfield. Her ability has barely diminished as she approaches senior dog status.

Bella playing fetch

Bella returning from making another perfect catch

DiDi barely misses any action going on in the yard. Even when she isn’t out there, she knows what is happening. Recently, Bella escaped through a gap in the fence for an adventure and DiDi sounded an alarm bell. Thanks to her frantic barks Bella never made it off of the property.

DiDi patrol

DiDi making the patrol rounds in the yard

Toby is the hunter and gather of the pack. He sprints after rabbits often coming up with in an inch of tasting a cotton tail, leaps into ponds after geese and dashes through woods after squirrels. Who knew a dog that spent most of his life in and around New York City was such a nature dog?

Toby in the stream

Toby wading through a stream in the woods

How do you let your dog be a dog?


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