Dear Paws to Talk,

I am a 4-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.  I have a big yard and love to run around it.  I do 50 laps each day.  This is my thing.

A couple of days ago, some humans(not mine) put up a large fence blocking off my yard. They are doing some kind of work to it. Now I only have a small patch of grass left. I am very angry. I can’t run my laps and don’t know when I will get my yard back. What should I do with my anger?

-Lucky the Jack Russell

Howl Lucky,

I am so sorry to hear about your yard. Humans are full of surprises. Last year, my humans fenced off my favorite part of the yard to plant new flowers. I was so mad.  Don’t they understand that the yard is our territory?

What I did when my yard was off-limits might be helpful to you.

First off all, show your sad face. It is very important to have a good sad face. I find that lowering your chin to your chest makes you look more sad. Or just bury your face in a human’s lap. This can be very effective. Show your sad face to the humans for a day or so.  See if they pet you more or feel bad about taking away your favorite place. At the very least the extra love inside the house will help you forget about your yard being gone.

Now you need an outdoor strategy.  You need to be come a digger.

Start digging holes all over your new, small patch of grass. This will help to get your aggression out. I became a hole-digger at a young age and it is now my favorite thing to do.

To start use your strongest paw to remove a clump of lawn. Then sit back on your hind legs and keep digging with both front paws. With each dig you will release your anger and get good exercise. In the end, you might even like digging better than laps.

Dig until you don’t feel like digging anymore. Then when you are done put your paws and face in the fresh dirt. It feels nice.

Maybe your owners will take you for a couple extra walks or even speed up their yard project?