Dear Paws to Talk,

There is no other way to say it. I am in a rut. My job bores me, romance is a fleeting thought and I have limited energy. 

I want my life to be more than it is. 

Can you help me out of this rut?

-Laura the Human

Howl Laura,

Thanks for writing to us! The first thing we noticed in your letter is there is no mention of kibble, treats or plush toys. No wonder you are in a rut!

While we have not been deemed miracle workers (yet), we have some suggestions.

Make Some Paws Prints

Put your paw to paper and write down what it is that you want out of life.

All of the gloomy thoughts you are having are taking up precious space in your mind. Kick the gloom out and make space for thoughts on inspiration, goals and of course dinner ideas.

Start Sniffing

You are never going to find a mate if you don’t start sniffing for him. Don’t worry if he doesn’t come along right away. It takes time to decide what scent makes your fur stand up with excitement.

Get out there. Have an open nose (and mind). See what happens.

Get a Dog

This suggestion comes with a warning. Don’t adopt or buy a dog unless you are ready for a lifelong commitment and have the means and time to properly take care of one.

If you can do all of that, then consider taking one of our kind into your home. Us dogs are known to pull humans out of ruts in practically no time.

Plus, we keep you on a schedule which doesn’t allow you much time to fall back into a bad place. Also, our hugs and kisses are top rate.

We have shown you some paths to happiness (we left some treats along the way so you won’t get lost), now it is your turn to start exploring what makes you happy.

Good luck!


Bella and DiDi