Dear Paws to Talk,

I live with a dog named Terrance. We have always had a good friendship until a week ago. He showed our humans how I like to run and cling onto the screen door with my paws. I usually hang on the screen with my claws dug in for a while. It is fun. Apparently, this ruins the door. How was I supposed to know? The humans got angry at me and now make sure the screen door is off-limits. My spirits have been down.

The other day when I was making myself comfortable on the couch I noticed something under the cushion. There were 4 dinner rolls that Terrence stole. I watch him just before dinner time and he is fast. His face is in and out of that bread basket before I can say meow. He really likes bread. Our mommy is always upset when the bread goes missing before dinner is on the table. She suspects it is Terrence but thinks it could be a hungry little human. Horror of horrors she might think it is me.

I have dirt on Terrence. Maybe if I show the humans what he has done I will get my screen back? Should I spill this secret information?

-Kisses the Persian Cat

Howl Kisses,

I’m sorry you lost your screen and that Terrence told on you. You do have knowledge that might level things if you share it but spilling secrets can be tricky. Things don’t always play out the way you think they will.

Often, while no one was looking, DiDi used to relax on our human mommy’s favorite and flawlessly upholstered couch. I always knew this but one day when I was angry I decided put an end to DiDi’s leisure. I lured my mommy into the sitting room just in time to see DiDi in the act. She was furious at DiDi! I thought my mission was accomplished.

Except the next day, mommy took all the cushions on every couch and chair in the house and turned them on their sides so no one could lay on the furniture. That meant my favorite cushy chair in the corner was no longer available for lounging. I hurt both DiDi and myself.

You are upset but remember that you love Terrence. I recommend telling him how you feel instead of getting him in trouble with the humans. This will make you feel better and if Terrence is a good canine he will feel sorry he told on you.

You are a team. Secrets can lead you to a dark place.

If Terrence doesn’t show remorse after your talk then sit in his kibble bowl at dinner time and he’ll get the idea.