Dear Paws to Talk, 

I am a pro-active type of person. I don’t hold in my feelings and like to see those that I care about around me do the same.

However, not everyone embraces this philosophy. It frustrates me greatly when I see family members dancing around important issues in their life. I try to explain how they would feel so much better expressing their true thoughts or creating boundaries to prevent others from taking advantage of their kindness.

Most times, my encouragement seems to go out the window. I know that I can’t make my family change their ways but I am not sure I can just stand idly by.

How can I accept the things I can’t control?

-Kelly the Human

Howl Kelly,

Are you pro-active when it comes to feeding adorable Poodle bloggers treats? We hope so! In case you were wondering, we love and welcome all treat flavors.

We admire your desire to make your family’s life better. It is our belief that holding onto old feelings and letting others leave paws prints on your back can lead to complications in the future. It probably isn’t good for kibble digestion either.

You possess a valuable ability to deal with issues as they enter your life but not everyone can do this work. Some beings, canines and humans alike, just can’t handle it. We don’t know why this happens but it is one of the topics we plan to research when funding is approved for the Paws to Talk Center for Study, Treats and Understanding.

The best thing you can do is focus on your life. Make it everything you ever dreamed it could be. Also, continue to be there for your family, but find a way ease up on trying to get them to change their ways. After all, you love them the way they are.

The only reason why you are forcing your habits on them is because you don’t want them to hurt.

Unfortunately, disappointment and pain are unavoidable in life. If we never ate the bland kibble that our humans feed us on occasion then we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good stuff that fills our bowls on a regular basis.

Now it is time to make peace with the fear of your loved ones suffering in life. We recommend exploring this by putting your thoughts on paper. Let your fear surface and then ask it to leave.

Continue to live the way you want to. The other stuff will take care of itself.

Finally, don’t forget to mail us those treats.


Bella and DiDi










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