Dear Paws to Talk,

As a human, one of my oldest dreams was to adopt a Brussels Griffon dog. I am getting older and I am single and work a lot. On top of working, I volunteer and dance as a hobby.

I have two adorable felines who have been rescued from the streets. Even though I love them to death, I have been thinking more and more about having a little dog to sleep and snuggle with.

Sometimes I think I am being selfish by wanting another animal. Am I being selfish? I feel like I have tons of love to give my dog, perhaps not millions in the bank or extended periods of time (because I will have to go grocery shopping and run errands). Will a puppy get used and still be happy with a single parent and two cats? Please, help!


Howl Keiko,

Thank you for writing to us. The questions you have posed are some of the toughest for humans to decide upon. Adding another animal to your family is a big deal so we are happy you are taking the time to think about it.

No offense to our feline friends but us canines require more loving, exercise and conversation than they do. We also take care of our business outside and not in a plastic box in the house.

Whether you are a single pet mom or not, a puppy will demand a lot more time and attention than you may be used to giving your kitties. Even though both of us were lovely to cuddle with as puppies (we still are), we were always getting into things around the house, craving special chew toys and slow to learn that the carpet is not the bathroom.

Don’t be discouraged by how much work it is to have one of us in your family. If you really want a sweet face and furry body to cuddle with then maybe you can rearrange your life so it is possible.

Right now, it seems to us like you are too busy to have a puppy. You are not selfish to want a dog. After all, we are fabulous! It would be selfish to get a dog and not take proper care of it.

As our mommy says, “They are a lot of work but the joy they bring is even greater.” We’re going to spend today resting on her bed so she remembers just how joyful we are.


Bella and DiDi

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