I’ll never forget the heart wrenching phone call I received at 9am on a cold Sunday morning.

I was actually producing a television interview for a documentary series with a schedule so tight it was calculated down to the minute.

My early days in New York City, 2007.

My mom wouldn’t stop calling my cell phone as the camera rolled.

During a short break, I sent her a text message but she wouldn’t reply and just kept calling.

I stepped away to take her fourth call and fell to pieces.

My grandfather had passed away in his sleep.

I have blogged about how important my grandfather was in my life before.

It was a crushing blow especially given that in recent months both of my grandparents on my mother’s side had passed away and I had gone through the unexplainable loss of my closest friend and roommate in New York City.

In the past two weeks, I have been reminded of how paralyzing and scary losing a loved one can be as I watched two family friends pass away much too early in their lives.

In the wake of these losses, seeing the Grande Dame of our poodle pack, Bella’s fur turn more gray has made me want to hold her for dear life.

Bella as a young dog with no gray hair. I actually have fallen more in love with her as she has become an adult because she was a complete terror as a pup.

I have the same feeling when I see my parents walk with the tiniest bit of a hunch.

I wish I could hit pause and loss never happened.

Then again, I wouldn’t know some of the joys in my life without having dealt with loss.

Thankfully, I have learned through the years how to cope with loss so that it doesn’t control me.

I talk the whole situation out, write in my journal, find laughter and of course spend as much time as possible with my dogs.

I am combining my background as a television producer, life coach and dog parent to create an affordable and helpful tool for dog lovers who are fraught with grief, loss and/or heartbreak.

Whether you lost a loved one recently, have been hit hard by a grueling winter or suffered a break up, we all need help getting back on our feet from time to time.

How do you get back on your feet after a loss?