Dear Paws to Talk,

Recently my humans had a party at my house. There was human food and drink everywhere. I usually am restricted to the upstairs during these parties but this time I was allowed to socialize. I pranced around the room greeting guests. Everyone adored me. I even got a taste of human food. How do you think dogs are supposed to act at parties? Did I pass the test?

-Julie the Chow Chow

Howl Julie,

I am happy to answer your letter because I attend many parties. DiDi wishes she could answer. However, she is always banned from our human’s parties and ends up pouting in her bed. She gets too excited and ends up with her paw in an appetizer. Last year, while the humans weren’t looking, she pulled the whole tablecloth off the table trying to steal a stick of butter and basket of bread. Foolish girl.

Being invited to a party is a privilege, so you must be grateful and act politely. Always greet each guest with a tail wag even if they are not your favorite. It is a party. A time for fun. There are other times to growl at someone you don’t like.

Once everyone has arrived do laps around the room (don’t run) and collect love and pets on the nose from everyone. If you don’t put yourself out there than no one can ever love you or pet your nose.

Enjoy the food and drink but don’t pull a DiDi. You don’t want to be the laughing stalk of the party. There is nothing worse than waking up the next day and being ashamed to show your face.

It sounds like you did well at your first party. Keep it up and maybe next time they’ll give you your own lamb chop to chew on. Yum.









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