Dear Paws to Talk,

I really need your help. As you may know, life has become very scary lately. Between the natural disasters and human acts of violence, I am have become very anxious and am having nightmares. It is difficult to get back to life as usual.

How do I continue to find the joy in my life when there is so much horror around me?

-Kim the Human

Howl Kim,

For starters, you need to pick out a quality chew toy and chew. This will help with the anxiety and give your teeth a nice shine. Why not have a good smile when contemplating life issues?

We are perplexed as to why certain humans and mother nature are acting out. Perhaps, we haven’t done enough to nurture both?

It doesn’t seem like there is a definite way to stop bad things from happening. If we knew how to do this we would, even if it meant sacrificing treats and kibble. Instead, we have to focus on the things that are good in life.

Start with your home. Maybe you have a fabulously decorated room that you love to sit in? Make use of it. Don’t forget the animals and people in your life. Hug them.  Let them comfort you.

Get involved in relief efforts. There are many who need help after the recent events in our world. Even if you just give a few bones, the contribution will probably make you feel some peace.

Take pride in the work you do. If you have an assignment digging holes, then make sure you use all the power in your paws to get the job done.

Train your gaze on what is your reality and the storm hovering over our society won’t feel so intense.

Finally, be sure to tune in Thursday June 6th at 8PM EDT when we host a live video chat with our human about this topic. At the very least, our furry faces will melt away your angst. Sign up here:


Bella and DiDi