Dear Paws to Talk,

I am entering my adult years and am having a hard time finding a good stud. I am sick of the immature canines in my neighborhood. All they want to do is smell my behind and bark orders.  They don’t treat me like a lady.

I want a male that will talk to me in the yard about how I am feeling. Someone who will bring over fresh table scraps. Someone who takes a bath at least once a month.  Is there a canine out there like this?

-Fifi the Café Au Lait Toy Poodle

Howl Fifi,

First of all, you are a Poodle. How could any canine resist such a regal breed? Because of this fact, no wonder you are attracting all kinds of males.

Finding a good dog is difficult. However, one may be right in front of your snout and you don’t know it yet. Most males see a pretty thing like you and think that they can dominate.

You need to show them that you are attractive but also a smart girl who won’t be told what to do. When they are barking at you, sit with your back facing them and pretend like they aren’t there. This will send a message.

Some will walk away because certain males won’t accept a female who won’t be dominated. Too bad for them!

The next time you are at your grooming shop look around to see if there are any handsome males getting their fur in order. Since you are so cute and portable, I am sure your humans take you out in public to stores and events. The next time you are out, keep your eyes open for any prospects.

Don’t lose hope. You will find the right male eventually. When you do, tell him exactly what you want. Someone to cuddle with. Someone who will bring you quality table scraps and jump any fence for you.

I feel this will work. If it doesn’t then learn how to use the internet and post your pretty face on a canine dating site. Keep me posted.