Dear Paws to Talk,

I’m not the only animal in my family. The humans keep a bird named Billy in a cage in the living room. They don’t take Billy out of the cage much but just open the door once a day to feed him.

For me this is torture, I look at Billy’s feathers and can feel the drool collecting in my mouth. He looks tasty. I have nothing against Billy but my natural urge to capture him won’t go away.

Should I resist the urge to sink my teeth into Billy as if we were in the wild? If so, how do I do that?

-Henderson the Cat

Howl Henderson,

We have never had a hankering for bird. Maybe it’s an acquired taste? Kind of like caviar or squirrel leg (this is especially good when you get a taste as the squirrel is dashing out of your yard).

It seems to us that Billy is an innocent guy who can’t help that he lives in a cage and has gorgeous feathers. We think you should remove Billy from your buffet options even though you have a strong urge to do the opposite.

Start to think of Billy as your brother. Would you want to eat your brother? We hope not.

Urges are very natural but it’s not always a good idea to indulge in each one. Say you get a hold of Billy and have a delicious meal. The enjoyment will be short-lived as your humans will be distraught about Billy’s demise and punish you in some way.

Do they make bird-flavored toys for cats? If so, then find a way to get one. Also, maybe you could play with one of those feathery cat toys we see in the pet store? Hopefully, these things will help.

It is normal to want to satisfy an urge. Just don’t get caught with a mouthful of feathers.


Bella and DiDi
















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