Toby and me on vacation this past summer.

This past weekend I heard some friends of friends discussing why they were never interested in bringing a dog into their lives.

These people reasoned that they can travel without worry about a dog at home, don’t have the burden of massive vet bills and of course don’t have to face the pain of bonding with an animal only to out live it.

I didn’t try to convince these people to become dog lovers because I believe dogs only belong where they are wanted.

Logistically speaking, these friends of my friends are absolutely correct. Not having a dog does wipe out some stressors that dog lovers endure.

However, when does life ever follow a logistical plan?

In my 33 years on this earth, I can say that it rarely if ever does.

In fact, most of the joys I have experienced are born from steps off of the clear and easy path.

One example is my leaving a horrible marriage engagement and giving up the plan and dream of building a life/family with my ex-fiance.

In the process of healing my broken heart, I adopted Toby and since have been graced with massive amounts of unconditional love by this sweet dog.

Without a doubt, it is a lot of work being responsible for a dog but doesn’t the joy outweigh the tough stuff?

Here are three answers to this question:

1. Nothing In Life Is Simple

If you don’t have a dog waking you up at 6AM to go outside then chances are a neighbor, family member and/or child will bother you in a similar way at some point.

2. In Order To Truly Love We Have to Be a Bit Vulnerable

The bond between a dog and human in something worth being vulnerable for even though the loss of a dog is one of the toughest things to go through in life. The loss is huge because our love for the dog is huge. The funny stories, memories and legacy of your dog live on here.

3. We Are Better Than We Realize

My dog has forced me to become a better problem solver, caregiver, organizer and so much more. They make us flex all of our muscles, even the ones we didn’t know existed.


When we lose a human loved one, often times an obituary is written to commemorate his or her life.Why don’t we do the same thing when we lose our dogs? Pawbituary is about to change that for dog lovers.