Hi Everyone,

We have been a missing in action since July with this blog in order to finish the new version of our sister site Pawbituary.

However, unfortunately, the break wasn’t just about work.

On August 12th, we said so long to our beloved Bella who lost her battle with bone cancer.

In April, when we learned that Bella had Osteosarcoma, we knew one day this terrible disease would claim her life but the advanced notice made no difference.

The pain was and is terrible. Especially as we approach October 10th which was Bella’s birthday.

As our regular readers know, pet loss is a topic that Paws to Talk has been passionate about since we began.

Our mission to help pet parents cope with this most difficult life change inspired us to create Pawbituary.

In the time since we have been away, we have made Pawbituary a better resource for pet parents to remember their pets.

Here’s how:

-By providing you with a permanent memorial website to remember your pet’s life

-Adding an editable Memories and Thoughts section that you can add to at any time as you cope with grief and special moments with your pet come up

-A bigger photo and video gallery

-A more interactive space for friends, family and Pawbituary community members to leave their condolences

-Stylish and easy-to-use platform

-100% shareable via email and social media

-Everything related to your pet’s memory is on one designated website instead of spread out across a social media timeline or social media page that you can’t control or edit.

-The addition of the Pawbituary Card Store where you can purchase and customize sympathy and remembrance e-cards for friends or family who have also suffered the loss of a pet. Click here to go to the card store

Bella’s Pawbituary is live and can be viewed here: http://www.pawbituary.com/pawbituary/Bella

Her Pawbituary is ever-evolving because the memories we created and lessons she taught me continue in my life without her.

I hope that you will visit Pawbituary and it can be a safe place and touchstone to remember a pet who has impacted your life.

With Compassion,

Margot Ahlquist