Dear Paws to Talk,

Help! My humans have pulled their square wheely things out of the closets and are putting clothes in them. My blood pressure is rising. Whenever they do this they leave me. I like to keep close tabs on my humans and hate when they go way. I jump into a square wheely thing to ensure that I am going along but they always kick me out of the square wheely thing. Why do they have to leave me? What should I do?

-Gil the Old English Sheepdog

Howl Gil,

Take some deep breaths. We hate it when our humans take the square wheely things out of their closets. When this happens, DiDi immediately claims her place in one of them before anyone can pack an object. Our daddy will ask her to get out but then she refuses to move in protest.

I prefer to go into the corner and be somber. Then when the humans are about to leave I shun them. I don’t like to hide my feelings.

You should find your own way to react to this change in your daily life. If you want to cry. Cry. If you want to run around the house like a manic because you’re blood is boiling with anger. Do it.

Humans like to go on vacations and trips that sometimes require them to bring out the square wheely things. It is hard to contemplate why they wouldn’t take us with them. I think they usually leave us behind when an airplane is involved. However, I think I could be a good airplane passenger. I would sit upright in my seat, wear my seatbelt, enjoy the view and complimentary snacks.

It is difficult for us when our humans leave on their own journeys but remember that they always come back from these trips. Nonetheless, I understand your anxiety.

I suggest taking your mind off your humans while they are gone. Hopefully, they don’t send you to a doggie hotel and you can be in your own house. Take this time to survey the house for any toys and kibble you may have dropped in your daily haste. It is a good time to get things in order.

I suspect you feel lonely when your humans are gone. It doesn’t have to be that way. Howl to your friends and invite them over for a play session. Take this time to focus on you. Maybe your dog sitter knows how to give a good doggie massage? Make an appointment.

Enjoy freedom in your house. Your humans will be back before you know it.





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