Dear Paws to Talk,

Recently, my humans rescued me from the shelter. I am so happy to be in a loving home but my humans don’t understand me.

I love chicken kibble but they are feeding me a beef variety. Also, I enjoy throwing around my plush toys but they try every day to get me to fetch a tennis ball in the yard. 

Finally, I am miss the friends I made at the shelter and need some extra cuddles. However, they see me as this rugged tough guy and prefer to engage me in a wrestle match. 

Can I get them to realize this or will I be forever misunderstood?

-Finn the Dog

Howl Finn,

We are glad that you are with a loving family who is trying to make your life better.

Even though your humans mean well, it is now your job to show them what you prefer. Sometimes humans need us to hold their paws and lead them down the correct path.

If you prefer chicken to beef (send any beef leftovers our way), then start making this known. When your humans cook beef, wag your tail until it feels like it is going to fall off and let endless streams of drool flow from your mouth.

If a game of fetch is being forced on you, then lay down instead of begrudgingly running for the ball. Spend more time playing with your favorite soft and squeaky toy. The humans will get the message. Otherwise, they can play fetch in the yard amongst themselves.

There is a reason why we have voices and it is to use them. When you feel the need for more cuddles, bark about it. Pick a few specific times when you will be able to get the message across to your humans.

Also, don’t discount the effectiveness of a nudge and putting on your sad eyes. After years of experience, we can attest that these are excellent ways to get your humans attention.

This is a time of adjustment for you but also for your humans. Don’t be afraid to let them know what you are all about.


Bella and DiDi






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