Do you have a plan in place for your dog should something unexpectedly happen to you? Cathy and Joe Connolly, authors of the book, If I Should Die Before My Dog, share how a little bit of forward thinking can make all the difference.

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Oftentimes when we consider the need to put our personal affairs in order we’re not entirely sure where to begin when we come to one subject near and dear to our hearts: our dogs.  We worry and want them to have the best possible future—but where to begin?  Theirs is a special case, one that doesn’t quite fit into any of the usual categories.  Now thanks to Joe and Cathy Connolly, those worries and concerns can be alleviated in one easy-to-use volume that can give you peace of mind and your four-legged friend a comfortable, prepared-for future.

Providing a comprehensive and interactive list of questions and information-gathering techniques, the Connolly’s helpful guide will illuminate and help you capture all of the habits and personal information of your pet.  This is the key step in supplying a holistic, well-rounded picture of your dog that gives their new owner the information they need to provide a seamless transition with the utmost care and comfort.  From nicknames to ancestry and medical history to microchip information, health insurance, and food preferences to commands, bad habits, and personality traits, it explores the totality of your dog’s world that gives his or her new family all they need, from day one, to nurture and care for your loved one’s emotional and physical needs.

A helpful guide to creating a happy, loving life for your dog should unfortunate circumstances such as, health impairment, death or having to give them up to a rescue, render you incapable of doing so.  The Connolly’s interactive book is as helpful as it is comforting.  Full of intimate, specific details, it covers every aspect of your pet’s life with concern and care.  Providing for the future of your dog while giving you peace of mind, “If I Should Die Before My Dog…” is your chance to revel in the joy of your dog’s life while giving him or her sound, love-filled future.