Laurie Eno, founder of The Daily Corgi explains why people are so fascinated with Corgis and elaborates on the trend of memorializing your dog online.

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About The Daily Corgi:

If a hunky Welsh Corgi on a windswept beach is your idea of a celebrity snapshot,welcome home! My name is Laurie Eno and I invite you to the tribe.

The Daily Corgi is the result of my decades-long, singular obsession with Corgis. Cardigan or Pembroke, tail or no tail, if the dog is a Corgi I’m hopelessly smitten and want the world to know. With their laughing faces, lively minds and outsized personalities, these herding dogs are natural born best friend material.

In the years before this Magnificent Corgi Obsession took over completely, I toiled at various jobs (including a one day stint as a car salesman), earned a couple of Master’s degrees (hello Simmons College!), got adopted by a pair of grey cats who left love bites on my heart and sofa, and lived for a time in the 90′s in picture-postcard Seattle. The Mariners were good then, the mountain scenery made occasional appearances and the people were simply AWESOME.

After moving back home to New England, in June ’09 I began The Daily Corgi with one goal: to tell Corgis’ stories. One dog at a time, one day at a time. I soon learned that behind every Corgi is a person yearning to brag about their dog and a lot of Corgi people eager to hear about it.
Thousands of posts later, from Daily Corgi headquarters north of Boston, the blog and facebook page have become a vibrant community; a virtual share-a-thon of pet Welsh Corgi biographies, leavened with fundraisers for dogs in need, celebrations of rescues and adoptions, monthly special features (Real Men Love Corgis!), contests and giveaways, and the opportunity to reach out to those welcoming a Corgi for the first time, or saying goodbye for the last.
Most of all, we have fun. Lots of fun with the mischief, love and joy that is CorgiPower.

What other kind is there, really?

Laurie Eno

Founder & Publisher
The Daily Corgi
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