Dear Paws to Talk,

I work of for my town’s police department Monday through Friday. Using my enhanced sense of smell, I help the officers solve crimes. I love my work but it can consume me.

When Saturday comes around, it is hard for me to relax. I find myself outside searching for scents instead of playing with my friends. Also, I think about the cases I worked on during the week. I have tried chewing on new toys to pass the time but I am always drawn back to finding a scent.

How do I let go of my work and enjoy my weekends?

-Donovan the German Shepherd

Howl Donovan,

You have a very admirable and important profession. It is understandable that your work would constantly be on your mind.

Besides this blog, my main job is to take care of my humans and DiDi. Sometimes I can’t stop being the caretaker (If you met DiDi you would see that she can be a 24-hour-a-day task).

When I don’t take a break, my fur looks terrible and I become cranky. On certain days, I have learned to let go so I can catch rays in my yard or go out with one of my boyfriends.

If a criminal scent draws you in and you feel the urge to run to the station to report it, stop yourself. The work will be there for you on Monday. There is a reason why your boss gives you a break on weekends and it is to take a load off.

Since you are such a hard worker, you may need structured relaxation. For instance, go to a playgroup and run around with your friends. Maybe you all can go out for some chow afterwards?

If you don’t have some plans for fun, you will turn to work. Go out and enjoy yourself.

I think you can let go of your work and have a fabulous time on your weekends. When you get the urge to sniff, go outside and smell some flowers. Have a great weekend.