The clock read 6:30AM and my typical doggie wake up call was in progress.

Wearily, I looked outside and saw it was windy and snowy.

This morning wasn’t unlike many which we have had this winter in the Northeastern United States.

However, what was different this morning was my attitude. I was irritated, exhausted, spent and joyless.

Typically, I love the morning time when my dogs wake me up with kisses.

I enjoy their waking noises, stretches and antics to get me up and out of bed.

Although, on this recent morning I wasn’t amused at all.

I begrudgingly did my dog mom duties which included a shortened walk and minimal morning fetch.

Later, I realized that outside stressors were beginning bleed into the thing that I cherish most which is being with my dogs.

I deconstructed what was really going on with me and came to the conclusion that I was burned-out beyond belief.

My curly canine sweethearts don’t deserve my crankiness because I have a lot on my plate. Neither do my human loved ones.

Below are some things I plan on doing to recharge my batteries so that I can overcome the burn-out and enjoy being a dog mom. I hope you find these helpful.

1) Get It Out

I process my problems through writing in a journal or opening a blank word document on my laptop and describing what is bothering me. It is not poetic or even grammatically correct but usually leads me to the problem.

If words are not your forte then talk about it or draw it.

The point is to find a communicative way to realize what is really going on inside of you. When you know what is wrong, then you can find a solution and Fido won’t be the recipient of your burn-out.

2) Treat Yourself

Pick a night to go out for a nice meal, get a massage or go see that movie that has been catching your eye. There are numerous ways to treat yourself. However, pick a treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty and bad about yourself. Indulge in something that will rejuvenate.

You give your dog a treat often (maybe even each day) so why wouldn’t you do something satisfying for your own well-being?

3) Change Your Scenery

Sometimes, it is necessary to get out-of-town. Even driving, 40 minutes down the road can change your perspective on things. It is easy to stay glued to your work and home surroundings.

The idea of taking a trip brings up questions about money, vacation days, dog care, travel costs, plans etc.

However, escaping your daily grind and getting away could be just what you need to reboot. Maybe you need to have someone else help you with dog care (child care too) for a few days while you catch up on rest and have a real vacation?

Everyone needs a break. Your dog will thank you for getting out from under the burn-out boulder.


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