Welcome to a new blog series here on Paws to Talk where we discuss life issues that often accompany being a dog parent.

As of January 1st, I officially jumped back into the dating pool after a bit of a hiatus.

Around the time I started this blog in February 2012, I was also in triage after having my heart broken into many pieces due to the end of my long-term relationship and engagement. Not only was my heart shattered but so was my trust as years of lies told to me by my ex began to surface.

Needless to say it was hard to date anyone for a while after that horror show.

Along with family and friends, my dogs brought me through the anger, depression and sadness. When the tears wouldn’t stop flowing, Bella, DiDi and Toby were here licking them away. If I spent too long lingering in bed feeling down, they would get me up to play fetch.

So, I am back on the scene and testing the waters. However, so far it has been difficult to find someone who has the personal traits I am looking for and a passion for dogs. How could I be in a relationship with someone who can’t see how amazing my three furry lifesavers are?

As I started to become afraid and consider writing dates off, the less emotional and more prudent part of my brain came up with these tips:

You Don’t Have to Settle

If it isn’t working with someone who has lukewarm feelings about your dog then keep the relationship search open. Keep putting yourself out there until you find what you want.

Give It a Chance

Just because he or she doesn’t read Dogster or write their own dog blog doesn’t mean they can’t love you and your dog. It may take time for a potential mate to see how special your bond is with the dog.

Two-Leggeds Can Be Trusted

We all know that dogs never lie to us and love us unconditionally. Humans are capable of the same things. It is easy to hide behind our dogs. Trust me, I have done it. However, if we develop a trust with the right human then the dogs can be a part of this new, happy and safe environment.

-Margot (Bella, DiDi and Toby’s Human)

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