Yesterday, I hosted a booth for Paws to Talk at an event raising funds and awareness about dog rescue.

At the Paws to Talk booth at the Save a Dog, Inc event.

As I explained what Paws to Talk is and how we will be growing in the coming months to hundreds of people, I couldn’t help be notice that many of them were stuck in the mud about adding another dog to their home.

Don’t get me wrong, this crowd loved dogs and understood the invaluable experience of being a dog parent.

However, a lot of them worried about upsetting the balance with the dog (s) they have if another one joined the mix.

Also, many were still rebounding from the loss of a dog and reluctant to put their heart on the line again.

I admire the respect that this population of dog lovers has for how much responsibility and dedication goes into being a dog parent.

Although, their was a part of me that wanted to urge some of them to make the leap.

There is never a good time in life for anything. Rarely do the planets align with absolute precision allowing us to have the perfect job, significant other, home, amount of money in the bank, body shape and life.

As long as you are not overwhelming a dog or yourself and have done your homework, I say go for it.

My mom always says this about being a dog parent, ” The joy far outweighs the work or pain that may be involved.”

What do you think?


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