Whenever I am down in the dumps, my dogs without fail give me reason to charge on after what I want in life.

It is like they know exactly when to demonstrate that they are furry beacons of light and hope.

On Monday, I was snowbound by yet another monster storm, recovering from a horrible sinus and ear infection and feeling unsure about an upcoming business decision.

My mood was immediately boosted when my mom texted me the following photo of sweet Bella relishing the never-ending snow in her yard.


Bella: They call this a storm?

While weathermen, the governor, mayors and reporters were preaching for everyone to stay inside during yet another record-breaking snowstorm here in the Boston area, my family’s oldest dog reveled in the fluffy snow (Thanks in part to the snowblowed path my dad created for her and DiDi).

As I studied the photo further, I beamed and almost broke into tears of relief.

To see Bella acting so young and energetically made me so happy.

She is getting older and it can be hard to watch.

Even though we don’t live under the same roof anymore, that dog has a place in my heart that is her own real estate. The same goes for my Toby and Bella’s sister DiDi.

Moreover, when I saw this photo I felt that everything was going to be fine.

My body and mind relaxed.

Bella has been the calm in the storms of my life.

After 9/11 happened and I came home for the college semester break rattled and depressed beyond belief , a 14-week-old Bella brought unexplainable joy to my hurting soul.

When I ended my engagement, photos of Bella were one of the few things that made me smile. Soon I started writing dialogue between her and DiDi which became the beginning of this very blog.

So on Monday, after seeing another classic Bella image, I realized that I am not alone in a blizzard but just on my path.

The journey isn’t always joyous, pretty or fun.

However after a lot of analyzation and soul-searching I know I am right where I am supposed to be.

Not derailed.

Not pushed out.

Not abandoned.

Just traveling to my chosen destination.

Are you on your path?

If not, we can help you get there.