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Dear Bella and DiDi

Firstly, thank you for your wonderful advice on dealing with the monster known as “hairdryer.” He’s not scary anymore and he actually helps me to get warm after a bath (which I appreciate as it’s very cold at our house at the moment). That’s actually what I have written to you to ask about.

I live in New Zealand. It seems like forever ago that the sun was always shining and the humans were coming home while it was still light out. It actually seemed like the sun was out for longer but I’m not very good at telling time so I can’t confirm that 100%.

We were going to the beach everyday and playing with so many other dogs. It was a lot of fun! Now, we go to the beach only on weekends but it’s cold and there aren’t many dogs there.

I have many friends from around the world and it looks like most of them are now enjoying the warmth and long days that I am missing! Did they steal the sun from me? Where have my warm days gone?

-Digby the Brussels Griffon

Howl Digby,

We are sorry you are cold! There is nothing worse than being reduced to a trembling ball of frigid fur.

First of all, no one stole your sun. In fact, we don’t think anyone actually owns the sun. It is so high up in the sky who could reach it?

The lack of sun happens to us too. You are not alone even though it seems like everyone (including us) is experiencing long, sunshine-filled days.

Our sun usually goes on vacation when the humans start carving pumpkins and cooking turkeys. Are your humans partaking in those activities? Maybe those are signals that cold days are ahead?

We believe that those sunny days you love so much will return. In the meantime, while the cold days are present, make the most of them.

Use this time to do some extra cuddling with the humans. There is nothing wrong with hovering under a blanket on a cold day. Are there any good movies on TV you can watch? Help your humans cook a lovely cold weather stew and then demonstrate a sad face so they put some in your bowl.

Even though you yearn for those sunny days, the cold days can be just as gratifying. Stay warm!


Bella and DiDi







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