DiDi: Slowly but surely I am figuring out how to help my sister, Bella


As most of you may know by now, my sister Bella has been diagnosed with bone cancer in her front leg.

Last week, all the humans decided it was in Bella’s best interest to remove her sick leg.

The humans said I spent the two days while Bella was in the hospital recovering “moping around” the house and yard.

Whatever that means.

I just knew something was off about Bella and my stomach was making noises.

At first, I though I needed some extra kibble to quiet my stomach but then I realized it was the worry about my sister making the loud sounds.

Who wants to have a gurgling stomach for two days? Not me!

Thankfully, Bella did well in surgery and is back home with me recovering.


Bella: I asked for no pictures during my recovery!

However, there are certain things that she is struggling with on three legs such as taking care of all her business and not falling over when sitting.

I stand watch over Bella as much as I can (Sometimes a dog needs a nap or some time to reflect) and alert the humans when something seems off with Bella.

It just doesn’t seem like enough.

Bella still lays in bed tired from surgery and all the physical work it takes to use three legs.

Even though, I know patience and hope are needed here (Just like when I attempt to catch squirrels), it does hurt my furry heart to see my sister this way.

It seems the only thing I can do is just go with this tug of war of emotions.

So, I will be sad when I need to and be a cheerleader when as much as possible.

I can’t ask myself to hide how I am really feeling or then only part of me will be showing.

How will the humans know how to find me for walks and food if only part of me is present?

I am not hiding.

Plus, Bella is as smart as they come. She will know in two shakes of a tail if I am putting on a fake face for her.

Also, I know that Bella can handle all of the emotions I am feeling for her.

All I can do is continue my duties as sister, nurse and yard patroller and wish for the best.

That is what I will do.


DiDi the Poodle