DiDi Stink eye

DiDi: Working on my fierce Beyonce look.


Dogs just like humans get inspiration from others. It has even been scientifically proven that canines make similar facial expressions as humans do.

So this week when Bella and I were at the grooming shop, I dared to be bold like one of my favorite singers, Beyonce.

I admire her spunk and dance moves. Since my attempts at repeating her dance moves haven’t gone so well, I figured I could work on the spunk.

My lovely groomer heard my request to spice things up and put bows around my ears. Not exactly Beyonce-like.

However, Bella convinced me that a style change is spunky so I was still on my path to Beyonceness.

Once I got home, I had a hard time getting comfy in my bed with the new hairdo.

After a while, I decided to be DiDi instead of Beyonce. I dislike bows, like to roll in the mud and most definitely live for being comfortable when putting my head on the pillow.

I’ll leave the glamour to Beyonce and keep working on my dance moves











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