DiDi: I need a parka. This winter is out of control!


My yard has been transformed to a place I don’t recognize.

My beloved lawn is under feet of snow.

The chipmunks and squirrels are in their homes and not challenging me to a game of chase.

The humans have limited Bella and my access outside because of the nippy temperatures.

What is a dog to do?

I have been wearing a long face lately.

When I was laying on my bed the other day watching a human eat a turkey sandwich, it hit me like plush toy in the face that I can make the best of this winter purgatory.

Here is how I am avoiding the winter blues…

1. Make the Most of Your Indoor Pals

Just because all my yard animal friends are hibernating doesn’t mean I am all alone. I have my sister Bella to converse with. Of course, the humans are around, even though some of them escaped to Florida for a few days. The outrage! Also, my canine nephew Toby has been visiting a lot too. I am lucky to have great animals around me inside.

2. A Little Mischief Never Hurt Anyone

Even though my trainer would be mad, I have been counter surfing, stealing toys and teasing others. I am not a bad girl but if I don’t let my wild side out to play then my fur starts to frizz.

3. Improve Yourself

While I am spending more time indoors, I have decided to catch up on my animal shows on National Geographic and finish the French cuisine books I started reading a few months ago. I try to keep expanding my mind so that I can fit more treats in it.











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