DiDi: I like to be one with nature!


As some of you may know, I love nature! I could (and often do) spend whole days rolling in leaves, hiding in bushes and chasing wild animals.

Just like my sister Bella, there are many beings who admire nature but don’t embrace it. Since it is summer for most of us, I thought it would be a good time to share why embracing nature can be so much fun.

1. It’s Okay to Get Dirty

Where else but in the outdoors is it acceptable to have a dirty face and paws? My personal favorite is digging a hole and planting my face in the fresh soil. It feels so nice!

2. Beautiful Surprises

One day I was surveying our land just outside of the yard perimeter (shhhhhh, don’t tell my mom) and I found a new stream. I drank in the fresh water and let it run through my furry paws. It was so shiny and refreshing.

3. Gets the Brain Working Properly

When I am in the house or car, I am usually focused on my humans and typically absorb their energy. So if they are stressed out because of work or life, I become stressed out. I hate this because it makes the curls on top of my head frizz.

However, when I am in the yard or on a walk in the woods, the worries melt away. The frizz goes away and my brain zeroes in on the good stuff such as ideas for new blog posts, wishes for animals who need them and the array of scents around me. Thank you nature!