In early 2005, I received a heartbreaking phone call from my mom explaining that our beloved Poodle, Marty had inoperable stomach cancer.

Marty had been on a decline for a while but this was it. His last days were upon us.

That 22-pound, sassy yet sweet dog had been my best companion since I was 9 years old.

When my parents had to work long hours, Marty was always there to entertain and love me. He stood firmly by my side as grew from a little girl into a 23-year-old woman.

After seeing him take his last breath, I was so overwhelmed with grief that my knees buckled and I was lightheaded.

I felt like the world was ending. Also at the same time there was pressure to keep my grief hidden, as I didn’t know how people at work and in my life would react to me being so saddened about the loss of a 15-year old dog.

With the help of this 21-day kit made specifically for coping with the loss of a dog, it is my hope you can effectively deal with this loss without feeling ashamed or isolated.

The Kit includes:

 21 days of soul-soothing and  inspirational audio clips containing one healing exercise per day.

 A corresponding workbook with clear and action-oriented questions to help you heal your heart.

 A unisex bracelet made with the healing, energy-balancing and protective properties of copper for you and a matching memorial dog tag devoted to Fido that can be used as urn jewelry, added to your new pet’s leash, placed in memoriam on a mantle or added to your bracelet and worn by you!

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